About Us

In such a saturated market with discrepancies in both consistency and transparency, Proper CBD strives to provide a common ground between quality and trust! Proper CBD was created to bridge the gap between consumer and seller, wanting to ensure our customers get premium, consistent, and reliable products! 

To put it simply, the idea of Proper CBD happened just like our products, organically. We started off as a minuscule operation but, thanks to our customers support we have been able to expand! Providing higher quality products at a cheaper price! We appreciate the support and look forward to providing lab tested high-quality CBD products!

Proper CBD has been a dream realized for us! Seeing people wanting a natural health treatment is one of the things that still drives us! Even with so much competition we truly believe we can make a name for ourselves because we want to consistently provide a natural alternative for people who struggle with pain. 

If you have any questions please email us at TheProperCBD@gmail.com or click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom
Proper CBD