Why Proper CBD?

Why Proper CBD?
There are many CBD brands that offer a vast array of products and dosage. So what separates Proper CBD from the biggest most popular brands? Well, the answer seems to be in the questions. Proper CBD isn't one of the biggest, most popular brand therefor our operations are vastly different and are solely focused on you, the consumer. Because Proper CBD is relatively smaller compared to some of the biggest companies in the USA, we are able to monitor quality-control more than companies focus their time their brand image and marketing.

How is our quality-control different?
Using a +99% CBD Isolate for our products, each small batch is measured with top of the line equipment to ensure that our products contain the exact amount of CBD down a +/- 1% variance. Because we aren't producing thousands of products in one run, we are able to monitor our process closely with the human eye.

What is CBD Isolate?
In todays day and age, there are 3 variants that you will find in CBD products. Full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD Isolate. Proper CBD uses CBD Isolate that is of the highest potency. Our CBD tests above +99% purity, ensuring that we are selling the highest quality, and most effective products possible. The biggest difference with CBD Isolate compared to spectrum oils, is that a high quality CBD Isolate only contains the compound CBD, while spectrums will contain other compounds that are found in hemp such as CBD-A, CBN, CBG, CBN etc. Each variant offers its own benefits, but at the end of the day Proper CBD uses CBD Isolate because of high purity and potency for the CBD compound on its own. The idea being that our customer are looking to purchase CBD, so why not give them the variant that offers the most.

The "Proper" amount or Proper CBD?
One FAQ that we receive is "what is the proper amount of CBD to take?". This questions is completely reliant on the potency, dosage amount, and the volume in which the CBD is contained. At Proper CBD, our tinctures are all 30ml of volume, containing 500MG's of our +99% CBD. This means that every 1ml (one full tincture dropper) will contain 16.66MG's of CBD. With our high potency, we suggest 16-20MG's in the morning and at night. Dosage can be adjusted as needed until the desired effect is reached.


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